The Experienced Team At Pike Inc. Consulting strategically designs and manages marketing campaigns for clients in many different industries. We carefully assign our Business Development Managers based on the client’s industry, goals and customer personalities with services that range from working under the direction of a client’s head of marketing to managing a client’s marketing department or a specific assigned campaign.


Our In-House Creative Design Team ensures our client Business Development Manager’s plans are implemented with accuracy by minimizing the need for translating information to 3rd party contractors. Additionally, this allows for time and goal deadline responsibilities to remain with us!

5 Ways to Grow Your Startup With Online Reviews

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Online reviews are crucial, even for new businesses in entirely new market categories. In fact, reviews may be more important for you because you have to prove two things to potential buyers:
  1. That you can actually solve their problem
  2. That your company is good to work with
You're brand new, so without someone else's say-so, you have no way to prove this. Online reviews help you stand out and prove ...
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3 Automated Lead Generation Strategies To Implement In Your Sales Process

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. As one of my first mentors said: "In business, sales solves all." This reigns true in the majority of cases. When you make a sale, you can re-invest that into a new employee, advertising campaign, software, marketing, etc. You get the point. The problem with lead generation and sales for most SMEs, however, is that they depend solely on one channel — which, more often than not, ...
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How to Protect Your Reputation by Managing Online Reviews

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. In today's digital landscape, choosing a law firm is largely influenced by online reviews. For better or worse, when prospective clients begin their search for a law firm these days, they usually start with a search engine.And while that may be convenient for them, it opens the door for a slew of biased or untrue opinions that can put your practice on the defensive. That's why it's ...
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Cómo equilibrar las acciones de branding en la era de bajos presupuestos de marketing SaaS

El crecimiento a toda costa ha demostrado ser una idea fallida. Y aunque en el difícil contexto económico actual el gasto en marketing de las empresas SaaS ha sufrido un recorte, se ha vuelto crucial equilibrar un plan de crecimiento exitoso con una estrategia de marca sólida.Cómo construir una base de marca sólida asignando una parte razonable del presupuesto es una cuestión importante. Pero, ¿cómo priorizar en lo esencial? Para Jenny Sagstrom, CEO de Sköna, ...
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More Brands Are Losing Touch With Their Customers. Do These 4 Things to Make Sure Yours Isn’t One of Them.

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. With the world becoming more hyperconnected following the mainstream adoption of the online ecosystem, more brands are struggling than ever before to connect with their customers. Changing economic conditions, a shifting consumer perspective and evolving technology have driven a wedge between brands and their target audience.The multi-facet and blossoming digital landscape has allowed businesses and brands to have a plethora of information and consumer data at their ...
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Free Webinar | June 20: How to Build an Instagram Following That Makes You Money

Want to learn how to harness the power of Instagram to skyrocket your business? Join us for an exclusive webinar featuring Kim Walsh Phillips, founder and CEO of Power professionals, a business coaching company and author of The Ultimate Guide to Instagram, 2nd Edition.Kim's social media journey began with a mere 352 followers, but through relentless experimentation with inventive tactics, she amassed 22,000 engaged followers, resulting in thousands of sales and an elevated profile. In ...
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    An El Dorado Hills monthly, summer art, food, business and entertainment event for the entire family! Its focus is to provide a fun and safe community to promote local artists and exposure to the local small businesses.

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