The Experienced Team At Pike Inc. Consulting strategically designs and manages marketing campaigns for clients in many different industries. We carefully assign our Business Development Managers based on the client’s industry, goals and customer personalities with services that range from working under the direction of a client’s head of marketing to managing a client’s marketing department or a specific assigned campaign.


Our In-House Creative Design Team ensures our client Business Development Manager’s plans are implemented with accuracy by minimizing the need for translating information to 3rd party contractors. Additionally, this allows for time and goal deadline responsibilities to remain with us!

The 7 Secrets of Truly Successful Personal Brands

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. The choice to launch your brand is noticeable. But creating a solid brand is essential. Authenticity, consistency, initiative, confidence, courage, and time are required to complete everything.Personal branding is not a thing to do because social media says so. Today it's an essential element in your communication strategy, used by not only famous and influential people and big businesses but also every individual that wants to be ...
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How the Metaverse Will Transform the Way We Approach Marketing

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. One of the most innovative ideas to gain momentum is the concept of the metaverse. For marketers, it's critical to understand what the metaverse is and how it will impact the way brands promote their products and services.Related: Oculus Founder Slams Mark Zuckerberg's 'Terrible' MetaverseWhat is the metaverse?Think about science fiction movies from the early- to mid-20th century. In those films, they depicted the future of floating ...
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Weekend Favs December 3

My weekend blog post routine includes posting links to a handful of tools or great content I ran across during the week.I don’t go into depth about the finds, but encourage you to check them out if they sound interesting. The photo in the post is a favorite for the week from an online source or one that I took out there on the road.

Position Your Brand as a Leader in 2023 By Jumping on These 4 Trends

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. As 2022 is wrapping up, businesses are beginning to craft their communications strategies for the year to come. Anticipating trends in the market is the key to appealing to the most audiences possible and positioning your brand as a leader in your space. Here are some trends we see on the horizon in the public relations industry that your business should take into consideration:Affiliate marketing or bustAlthough ...
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¿Promoción o creación? ¿Qué es más importante al hacer marketing de contenidos?

Las opiniones expresadas por los colaboradores de Entrepreneur son personales. El content marketing se puede dividir en dos actividades distintas: la creación del contenido y la promoción del contenido. La creación es necesaria porque el contenido no se crea a sí mismo. Pero muchos creadores de contenido novatos escatiman en su promoción, la cual es prácticamente necesaria para asegurarse de que su trabajo sea detectable. Shutterstock ¿Cuál de estas dos actividades es más importante para ...
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Which Is More Important in Content Marketing: Creation or Promotion?

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Content marketing can be arguably divided into two distinct categories of practice: content creation and content promotion. Creation is necessary because the content doesn't create itself. But many novice content marketers skimp out on promotion, which is practically necessary to make sure your work is discoverable.Which of these categories is more important for your campaign? Should you distribute more time and money into creation or promotion? Or ...
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Management Project Examples

  • Second Saturday Of El Dorado Hills Art Walk

    An El Dorado Hills monthly, summer art, food, business and entertainment event for the entire family! Its focus is to provide a fun and safe community to promote local artists and exposure to the local small businesses.

  • Explore Rancho Cordova Magazine

    This annual full color print magazine has been designed for new residents and tourists to experience what Rancho Cordova, California has to offer. This publication features local events, businesses and community resources.