The Experienced Team At Pike Inc. Consulting strategically designs and manages marketing campaigns for clients in many different industries. We carefully assign our Business Development Managers based on the client’s industry, goals and customer personalities with services that range from working under the direction of a client’s head of marketing to managing a client’s marketing department or a specific assigned campaign.


Our In-House Creative Design Team ensures our client Business Development Manager’s plans are implemented with accuracy by minimizing the need for translating information to 3rd party contractors. Additionally, this allows for time and goal deadline responsibilities to remain with us!

How to Rebrand Without Losing Your Search Engine Rankings

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. There are several reasons you might have to rebrand. Rebranding is not something foreseen or something that is part of any business plan. It's almost always a result of unexpected circumstances, a correction or an improvement to your brand. Whatever the reason behind your decision to rebrand, know that no matter how disruptive rebranding sounds, if done correctly, it is highly effective and can be a game-changer.The ...
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ChatGPT llevará las redes sociales de esta agencia de marketing durante el Super Bowl y lo hará sin la ayuda de un humano

Este domingo se jugará el Super Bowl LVII y habrá mucho más en juego que el partido entre las Águilas de Filadelfia y los Jefes de Kansas City. Ese día ChatGPT, la herramienta de inteligencia artificial que ha cautivado al mundo en este 2023, demostrará lo que es capaz de hacer en el mundo del marketing y las redes sociales.La agencia de mercadotecnia estadounidense, Giant Spoon, ha dado a conocer que ese día será ChatGPT, ...
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‘Just Can’t Picture Myself Paying $39.95’: Sports Fans Slam Pricey Oreo Cookies With NBA Logos Ahead of All Star Game

A bite out of the official cookie of the NBA could cost you more than some pizza and wings.Starting February 7 through NBA All-Star weekend on February 18-19 in Salt Lake City, Oreo is offering a pack of 12 NBA-inspired cookies adorned with the logos and colors of all 30 NBA teams for the cost of $39.95 plus delivery. You don't have to be an NBA player to ball Introducing OREOiD x NBA cookies. Get ...
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4 Things That Make for Unforgettable Customer Experiences

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. When it comes to building a loyal base of customers, few things are more important than delivering a positive experience. Just look at the potential fallout of a negative one: A recent report by Emplify found that after three unsatisfactory incidents, four out of five patrons would leave a brand they were previously loyal to.On the other end of the spectrum, 72 percent of clients share their ...
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B2B Search Marketing: 5 Key Ways Generative AI is Changing the Future of SEO from Google’s Bard to Microsoft’s Prometheus-Based Bing

How is ChatGPT artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot technology changing search engine optimization (SEO), and how will the major shifts being implemented by Google, Microsoft and others alter the business marketing landscape of the future?During my 39 years working in online communications I’ve seen immense changes in search engine technology and how businesses optimize their ever-growing collections of digital content, and consider AI’s impact on the search industry to be one of the biggest shifts yet ...
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This Is the Overlooked Tool Your Business Needs to Reach Your Target Audience

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Voice search use is on the rise globally. Back in 2019, there were 2.45 billion voice assistants in the world. This number is expected to reach 8 billion by the end of 2023, which will be roughly equivalent to the global population. This rapid global increase in the number of voice assistants has created a new ecosystem that businesses can leverage to reach and connect with their ...
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    An El Dorado Hills monthly, summer art, food, business and entertainment event for the entire family! Its focus is to provide a fun and safe community to promote local artists and exposure to the local small businesses.

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    This annual full color print magazine has been designed for new residents and tourists to experience what Rancho Cordova, California has to offer. This publication features local events, businesses and community resources.