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Podcasts are a fantastic way to find new takes and tactics for your B2B marketing. They’re also great for picking up new marketing ideas and getting fresh perspectives you might not otherwise find.

We’ve put together a list of five podcasts that offer marketing insight from a wide array of industry innovators — who share their own stories along with tactics and advice to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

From exploring the B2B content marketing trends that will grow in 2020 to first-person stories of life’s professional and personal adventures, the hosts and guests on these five podcasts have a great deal to share.

Here is our random-order list of five podcasts to help strengthen your B2B marketing efforts in 2020 and beyond.

#1 – HBR IdeaCast by Harvard Business Review

HBR IdeaCast

Summary: Each week the Harvard Business Review’s podcast HBR IdeaCast explores expansive topics affecting digital marketers at all levels, featuring some of the world’s most successful business-people.

  • Hosts: Alison Beard and Curt Nickisch
  • Recent Topics on Tap: To Truly Delight Customers — You Need Aesthetic Intelligence, Melinda Gates on Fighting for Gender Equality, How Companies Like Google and Alibaba Respond to Fast-Moving Markets
  • Recent Guests: Melinda Gates, Scott Young, Sari Wilde
  • Episode Length: 20 – 45 minutes

#2 – The Science of Social Media by Buffer

The Science Of Social Media

Summary: Social scheduling platform Buffer hosts a marketing-related podcast called The Science of Social Media, and with a listening audience of more than 27,000, each week’s episode looks at a variety of social media-related topics from a diverse section of marketers and business professionals. Buffer also hosts the fine Breaking Brand podcast.

  • Hosts: Heather-Mae Pusztai and Dave Chapman
  • Recent Topics on Tap: Why social commerce will rule social media in 2020, The Complete Actionable Guide to Marketing Personas, A Crash Course in Building Custom Audiences for Your Social Media Ads
  • Recent Guests: Mari Smith, Matt Navarra
  • Episode Length: 12-20 minutes

#3 – Marketing Scoop by SEMrush

Marketing Scoop

Summary: SEMrush’s Marketing Scoop podcast looks at digital marketing news and offers a cadre of guests sharing knowledge about a variety of marketing topics ranging from search and email to customer relationships and marketing research.

  • Hosts: David Bain and Judith Lewis
  • Recent Topics on Tap: How do you recover from a Google Penalty?, What Works Best for Email Marketing Now?, What is the ROI of optimizing your local search listings?
  • Recent Guests: Duane Forrester, Chad White, Colin Gray
  • Episode Length: 20 – 40 minutes

#4 – Mixergy


Summary: The Mixery podcast features top leaders from businesses including Google, LinkedIn, Pixar and others, and offers a variety of inspiring ideas and stories on marketing and more.

  • Hosts: Andrew Warner
  • Recent Topics on Tap: Case Study: A virtual assistant company with a niche, How do you create company culture in an international business?, The $8 billion dollar software you’ve never heard of
  • Recent Guests: Craig Walker of Google Voice, Ryan Smith of Qualtrics, Ahti Heinla of Skype
  • Episode Length: 60+ minutes

#5 – The Digital Analytics Power Hour

Digital Analytics Power Hour

Summary: The Digital Analytics Power Hour podcast takes an informal look at the analytics side of digital marketing, featuring a strong lineup of industry guests sharing their latest insights and stories.

  • Hosts: Michael Helbling, Tim Wilson, and Jim Cain
  • Recent Topics on Tap: Neuroscience, the Customer Experience, and the Data Therein, Is Multitouch Marketing Attribution Dead?, When the Data Contradicts Conventional Wisdom
  • Recent Guests: Priscilla Cheung, Diana Lucaci, Yali Sassoon
  • Episode Length: 45 minute to over an hour

Bonus Podcast – 3M Science Champions

3M Science Champions Screenshot Image

As a bonus podcast that shows how B2B brands can benefit from incorporating podcasts into their efforts, check out our client 3M’s Science Champions podcast.

It has featured a variety of industry experts including Professor Stephen Curry, Department of Life Sciences at Imperial College London, Dr. Suze Kundu, Materials Chemist and Science Presenter, Chris Gammell, Principal, Analog Life, LLC, and Matt Hartings, Associate Professor of Chemistry at American University.

Expand Your Own B2B Marketing Podcasting in 2020

With the insights you’ll gain by listening to the podcasts we’ve looked at from The Science of Social Media, Marketing Scoop, HBR IdeaCast, Mixergy, and The Digital Analytics Power Hour, your year ahead in 2020 can be filled with new inspiration and plenty of innovative B2B marketing ideas.

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As B2B marketers, you’ll also find helpful insight about creating and marketing your own podcasts in the following five TopRank Marketing articles:

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