When someone lands on your website, you literally have seconds to direct them to an action — after a few seconds, it’s likely they will bounce off the current page or click the ‘back’ button and find another option, which is often your competitor.

By placing your call-to-action directly in front of your visitors, where they can’t miss it, will greatly improve your conversion rate. Look at the website for El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers and you will see their call-to-action right in front of your eyes on both desktop and mobile devices. It’s impossible to visit the website without seeing the “GET A FREE CONSULTATION” button.

Your call-to-action also needs to make sense for the particular situation. The wrong one, even if directly in front of your visitors, will not perform well. In the example website given, their visitors are more than likely looking for help, so a call-to-action offering a free consultation makes sense. An offer to join a newsletter, for example, wouldn’t makes sense, as their traffic is seeking a solution to a problem.

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