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As a SaaS brand, chances are that a lot of your target users are on LinkedIn. The platform has about 90 million of its 830 million registered users as senior-level influencers and 63 million users who are in decision-making positions.

This makes LinkedIn the preferred organic content marketing hub for 95% of B2B content marketers and a great place to build brand visibility. With the right visibility, you can leverage the opportunities on LinkedIn to generate lots of leads and conversions for your B2B SaaS brand.

Here are seven ways to supercharge your brand visibility on LinkedIn to get the best results:

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1. Create and optimize your LinkedIn page

First things first, create a company page for your brand. LinkedIn allows you to create a company page simply as you would create a personal page. This is the first step to giving credibility and visibility to your SaaS brand on LinkedIn.

However, there is more to be done than just creating a company page with your company name. Optimizing your page is a necessary next step.

LinkedIn helps you through the process of optimizing your page by identifying steps you should follow to provide useful information that helps your brand visibility on LinkedIn. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile page helps you appear easily on related searches and suggestions. This means you can become easily visible to your target users.

Here are a few ways you can optimize your profile page:

  • Add an image to your profile page

  • Write compelling and interesting “About” information

  • Write a strategic headline

  • Put up information about your products and/or services

2. Use keywords for SEO

LinkedIn is one of the largest platforms that can make you easily visible on search engines. Content published using the LinkedIn Publisher tool is available on Google searches. Also, there is a good chance for your LinkedIn page to pop up during Google searches related to your industry. This is the power of keywords at work.

Even more, LinkedIn serves as a go-to search engine for professional content for many people. This is why you must create the right content that attracts traffic to your page during searches.

Using keywords to boost your brand visibility is great if the keywords are related to your company’s specialties. For example, a CRM brand can use keywords like customer journey, workflow automation and customer relationship in its page description and content.

3. Post valuable content regularly

To be successful at brand visibility for your B2B brand on LinkedIn, you need good content. You also need to constantly make updates. There is a high demand for content on LinkedIn, so chances are that your post will reach a lot of people. Doing this often means a more engaged audience and more visibility.

Posts could be on industry trends, user case studies, updates on company activities or useful information on your products and services.

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4. Data analytics measure performance

One of the best ways to improve results is by checking your performance indicators. Analytics allows you to observe what you are doing right. This is in terms of knowing the kind of content your audience engages in the most.

LinkedIn insights show you the engagements, impressions, discovery and performance of your content. This helps you decide if you are reaching the right demographic of users and the best way to deliver your content on LinkedIn.

5. Use relevant plugins

These could be in the form of sales tools, automation tools, engagement tools or marketing tools.

Plugins can be free or paid, but with them, you can get access to many features that can be game-changing for your brand. Some of the tools you can find valuable are LinkedIn Sales Navigator, SocialPilot and plugins like LinkedIn Alumni Tool and LinkedIn Autofill.

A few others are:

  • LinkedIn Connection Revealer: This tool reveals the people your connections follow. Knowing who your connections roll with can help you decide which of your connections has the target audience you can leverage.

  • Headlinr: This is a paid chrome plugin that helps you generate the best headlines for your content using keywords. This is great because the right headline can attract great traffic to your content and improve your brand exposure.

6. Make the right connections

LinkedIn is built for connections. Unlike other social media platforms that give you a “follow” button as an option, LinkedIn comes with a “connect” button instead.

True to its name, you can form connections with over 830 million users in different industries. However, the best way to get the most out of your LinkedIn connection is to connect with users in your industry. This includes employees that work in brands that may have a need for your products.

To build your connection, you can connect with users that you know or have worked with. You can also check out prospects who view your page content and invite them to connect with you. Also, LinkedIn connections are all about creating a network. You can join groups on LinkedIn that focus on your industry. You can find people to connect with in these groups, and you can also share your content if it is permissible.

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7. Use hashtags

Like in any other social media platform, hashtags make your content viral faster to a target group of users who engage with the hashtag you use. This works just the same for LinkedIn. Your content can reach more than just your connections if you use engaging content to draw other users in.

For example, using #mondaymotivation for thought leadership content or #dataanalytics for content on that topic can make your content visible to people who look those topics up. This is one of the easiest ways to gain more connections and exposure on your LinkedIn.

So, while LinkedIn is the preferred organic content marketing hub, some businesses have yet to maximize their use of LinkedIn for brand visibility. Whether you are just starting or you are looking for new ways to improve your brand visibility on LinkedIn, this article will give you a good start.

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