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Less than Half of Google Searches Now Result in a Click
Most Google searches don’t yield subsequent clicks, with 50.33 percent ending on the search giant’s result page, according to newly-released data from Jumpshot, also showing 45.25 percent of searches resulting in organic clicks and 4.42 percent in paid advertisement clicks. SparkToro

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Spotify for Podcasters provides data on demographics, listening habits
Now out of beta, a new Spotify podcast analytics dashboard has brought marketers new engagement data and other information on the listening habits of the firms’ users, in an expansion of its targeted podcast advertising system. Marketing Land

Google: Says Dates On Articles Makes It Easier To Recognize High-Quality Evergreen Content
Google has reiterated its admonition that Web articles ought to include date information, which the firm considers a factor when it comes to recognizing high-quality online content, the search giant’s John Mueller recently noted. SEO Roundtable

Facebook Opened Up Its Spark AR Platform to Creators on Instagram
Facebook has graduated its Instagram creator-focused Spark augmented reality (AR) platform from beta testing to widespread availability, providing new opportunities for digital marketers looking to utilize the feature’s interactive and dynamic elements. Adweek

Podcast listening growth continues: Mobile app usage up 60% since January 2018, study finds
With mobile podcasting app usage climbing by 60 percent since the beginning of 2018, industry growth has steadily grown, and with 25 percent of listeners also making a product or service purchase after hearing about it on a podcast, marketers are increasing their podcast ad spend. Marketing Land

Facebook is Removing its Group Chats Feature to Limit Spammers
Facebook has announced that it will remove its chat feature for Facebook Groups, with August 22 scheduled to be the troubled features’ last hurrah, with heightened spam threats seen as a possible reason for shuttering the feature. Social Media Today

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Personalization offer doesn’t lead to more personal data sharing [Survey]
Consumers have grown weary of claims that sharing their personal information will lead to better personalization, according to new study data. The Advertising Research Foundation research also showed that social media and advertising are the least trusted institutions. Marketing Land

Twitter introduces 6-second viewable video ad bids
Twitter is launching a new 15-second-or-less video ad option that allows advertisers to pay only for videos that achieve at least six seconds of viewing time combined with more than half of the video’s pixels appearing on-screen, the firm recently announced. Marketing Land

Facebook Reminds Advertisers and Developers that New Targeting Restrictions Come Into Effect Soon
Facebook reminded advertisers and developers using its audience targeting features that new Special Ad Category restrictions will take effect beginning December 4, and shared additional details of the forthcoming changes. Social Media Today

How Have B2B Purchase Processes Changed?
73 percent of B2B senior-level executives use more sources when researching and evaluating purchases than they did last year, and some 37 percent said that seeing ads from a solution provider played a part in choosing where to purchase — two of the findings in recently-released research data. MarketingCharts


2019 August 23 Marketoonist Comic

A lighthearted look at Fix it in Post by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne — Marketoonist

Cutting Edge Microwave Pre-Programmed to Stop One Second Before Timer — The Hard Times


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