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In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interviewed Patton Gleason, the founder and CEO of Relay Goods. With over 20 years of experience in the outdoor and run specialty industry, Gleason has deep expertise in physical retail, e-commerce, logistics, and operations. Relay Goods offers industry-leading solutions that help brands and retailers maximize the value of excess surplus and returned inventory. Through his insights and experience, Gleason reveals the transformative potential of re-commerce for retail businesses, turning what was once considered a loss into a significant revenue stream, while effectively preventing waste.

Key Takeaways

Patton Gleason, CEO of Relay Goods, emphasizes the role of the concept that is: recommerce in modern retail, highlighting how businesses can effectively manage and profit from returned inventory. The process entails implementing smart inventory solutions and leveraging a specialized marketplace for high-quality returns. Retailers can now transform potential losses into substantial gains, as Gleason’s insights underscore the importance of adopting a zero-waste supply chain approach, therefore minimizing waste and maximizing profitability. This episode provides valuable strategies for retailers and partners in defending their revenue and enhancing sustainability.

Questions I ask Patton Gleason:

[00:54] What is re-commerce?

[04:09] How did your experience with the minimalistic shoe movement shape where you are now?

[07:42] How does the process of re-commerce actually work?

[12:25] As an an Re-commerce business, do retailers ever feel like competitors?

[14:20] How much of re-marketing is ‘sustainability’ at play?

[15:27] Does re-marketing have the potential to become a core part of retail?

[19:17] Is there someplace you want to invite people to check out what you’re doing and connect with you?

More About Patton Gleason:

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