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It may surprise you that92 per cent of Millennials prefer to support morally sound businesses when purchasing. Additionally, 82 per cent think that ethical brands perform better than similar companies that don’t try to adhere to ethical principles.

Ash Geary, CEO of Remark

Companies committed to doing good rather than just making money have seen a massive uptick in their customer base and bottom line.

However, behind these businesses are digital marketing agencies that practice something all too uncommon in the marketing world: moral marketing. And no digital marketing agency does it better than Remark, led by CEO Ash Geary.

Moral Marketing: More Of a Philosophy Than a Strategy

Ethical marketing is more of a philosophy than a strategy for Ash; it’s a way of life that promotes the company’s values and encourages its employees to instill those values in its customers.

Ash considers the ethicality, honesty, and transparency of the company’s marketing practices from both a financial and a moral perspective.

Since it takes time and attention to the bigger picture, Ash believes that ethical marketing is a practice that requires a long-term commitment. Including down to the suppliers and producers and shifting how goods are supplied. It also involves doing the right thing for the local community and the environment as a whole, as well as for the benefit of the company’s employees.

Reshaping the Digital Marketing Landscape

Remark was established in Tokyo as a one-of-a-kind firm by a group of exceptionally qualified Japanese and international experts. Thanks to its multicultural staff, the agency was able to offer invaluable assistance to both western companies seeking a foothold in the Japanese market and Japanese companies interested in expanding internationally.

Remark takes a novel tack in digital marketing thanks mainly to the leadership of its CEO, Ash. As a rule, Remark won’t push any solutions or strategies on their partners unless they’ve tried it and can vouch for its quality.

No matter how much money is left on the table, they will not promote anything they believe could harm the target audience.

The Man Himself

Having worked in marketing strategy, design, and production for the past quarter century,Ash is well-versed in digital media’s unique challenges.

He helps companies expand their reach by delivering data-driven insights and asymmetrical strategies for business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) interactions. He helps businesses hone in on their mission, streamlining their message and removing roadblocks to expansion.

Ash has written Good At Anything, Fast!, a how-to manual that lays out a method for rapidly and reliably improving one’s performance in any endeavor. He uses this book to impart a wealth of life lessons and tried-and-true advice to his readers by drawing on his own experiences.

Ash Geary has been at the helm of Remark since its inception in 2018. He’s been an essential factor in the company’s success and expansion. The fact that reputable businesses like HubSpot, Google experts East and Amazon experts eShopportinity have chosen to collaborate with the company demonstrates the success of its commitment to moral marketing and genuine value creation.

Remark’s a truly unique range of services has helped many clients build successful businesses from the ground up in Japan and beyond.

Ash is also working on his second book, “Level 1 Marketing.” It’s a guide to agency-level marketing for small businesses. This book will be published later in 2023.

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