Learn tricks and tactics to supercharge your social media by joining our free webinar “The 2024 Social Media Trends to Get You More Followers & Sell More Products.” This power-packed session will be led by Entrepreneur’s very own VP of Social Media, Sana Ali.

On Thursday, January 11th Sana will dive into the latest strategies that will not only boost your online presence but also drive sales. From emerging trends in content creation to leveraging influencer marketing for maximum impact, we’ll guide you through the key elements that can propel your brand to new heights.

You’ll gain insights on:

  • The biggest social media trends that will shape 2024

  • Optimizing your content to take full advantage of those trends

  • Navigating the nuances of influencer marketing

  • Measuring success by defining clear objectives and utilizing analytics tools

  • How to approach cultural sensitivity in campaigns

Join us to unlock the social media strategies that will propel your brand to new heights in 2024!

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About the Speaker:

Sana Ali is the VP of Social Media Marketing at Entrepreneur Magazine. Throughout her career, she has led global social media campaigns for notable brands, including MTV, iHeartRadio, BET, and WWE. Sana’s expertise lies in her ability to build social influencer products, create social monetization opportunities, and craft effective strategies. Her focus is on fostering audience engagement, delivering measurable results, and leveraging content trends in the ever-evolving social media landscape, particularly by tapping into multicultural audiences.

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