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It’s that time of year again, where here in Minnesota the snow is falling, the temperatures are dropping and hearts are warming with thankfulness and appreciation.

2017 has been a year of change, evolution and innovation for the digital marketing industry and at TopRank Marketing, we are incredibly grateful for the attention and trust that our community and clients and have put into our mutual success.

Few people ever reach a fraction of their true potential and we are dedicated to continue supporting and growing an environment where each of our clients, agency team and community can realize their true potential as marketers. As we evolve as marketing professionals, TopRank Marketing is also focused on helping the marketing industry community find clarity, confidence and purpose in the growing complexity of modern business.

There’s something magical about the holidays, but there’s no magic solution for actualizing as professionals. It takes hard work, smart work, flexibility, patience, determination, passion and most of all, teamwork. We are happy to be on that journey with our community!

Happy Holidays 2017

At TopRank Marketing I am proud to say that we have an incredible team of smart, creative and results focused professional marketers (who also have a great sense of humor!).

Along with an incredible portfolio of new clients, we’ve added 15 new team members in 2017 including designers, content strategists, search marketers, social media and influencer marketers, account management and senior management, each with minds full of optimism, ambition and talent. All of that energy is bringing us into 2018 with pride, momentum and the knowledge that we’ve barely scratched the surface of our individual and collective potential.

We are continuing to grow and hiring in many roles ranging from Account Management to Content Marketing to Digital Marketing Analyst. See our careers page for a full list.

We’ve learned many lessons in 2017 including that SEO, social media, content marketing and online advertising are not competitors to influencer marketing, but component pieces of a customer-centric, integrated approach that we call “A Best Answer Strategy”.

It has been very satisfying to see that many of our clients have evolved their marketing from core SEO, advertising and basic content creation engagements to more sophisticated and integrated “Best Answer” programs that incorporate research based strategy, data, interactive, creative, influence and more robust content and analytics. That trend toward data informed, integrated and creative content experiences will drive much of our solutions in the next 12 months.

Thank you to our readers for your trust and choosing TopRank Marketing as a source of expertise in your digital marketing journey. And most of all, thank you for being a part of our community!

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