Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is nothing new. However, as you surf the net, you can’t help but notice plenty of web pages that are just begging for optimization. Obviously, not every business is using CRO to its full capacity. Meanwhile, small tweaks to your website have the power to significantly boost the number of sign-ups, subscriptions and sales.

One of the underestimated CRO hacks is the exit intent pop-up. Put simply, it’s a pop-up that appears once the visitor is about to navigate away from the website. Usually, it encourages site users to sign up with an email, introduces a special offer or motivates visitors to stay otherwise.

A number of websites, both big and small, have already taken advantage of this simple and easy-to-implement technique. For example, Sumo has witnessed amazing results of growing its email list by 40,000 subscribers thanks to the exit intent pop-up. Our marketing team at Chanty has also tried the trick and is happy to confirm a significant 25 percent boost in sign-ups thanks to the exit pop-up magic.

CRO is all about experimenting and testing. An exit intent pop-up isn’t an exception. Chasing the silver bullet, our marketing team has tested different pop-up sizes, and experimented with pop-up frequency, designs and texts. Here are a few exit pop-up best practices, based both on our experiments and extensive research.

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