With 85 million moms in the U.S., it’s safe to say their opinions are highly influential.

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Moms are an incredibly important demographic to reach when it comes to branding and marketing. With 85 million moms in the U.S., it’s safe to say their opinions are highly influential when it comes to making purchasing decisions for themselves and their families.

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Unfortunately, businesses and brands tend to miss the major marketing opportunity here because they don’t understand how moms engage online, consume media or even buy products. So to help you out, here are some insights you should know.

According to recent research, 56 percent of American moms say they feel marketers simply don’t understand them. These surveyed mothers admitted that brands often depict them as “saintly, perfect people with the hardest job in the world,” while instead they say they feel “flawed and idiosyncratic.” Not only that but motherhood isn’t a job — it’s an emotional role. And a mother’s role varies from a career person to a life coach and a friend.

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Another important insight that brands should be aware of when it comes to mothers is that they are tech-savvy. Research finds that 96 percent of American moms use the internet and 87 percent are on social media. Overall, the average American mom spends 3.5 hours a day online and of that, 2.25 hours on social media. Fifty-five percent primarily use smartphones to access the internet, while 36 percent use desktop computers and 9 percent use tablets.

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Mothers are complex creatures, and there’s lots more to learn about them — especially when it comes to marketing. For more, check out MDG Advertising’s infographic below.

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