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Social media is the ultimate playing field for content marketing for B2B SaaS brands. But to excel on social media, you need to be consistent. This means you must constantly churn out relevant content for your audience to keep them engaged with your brand.

However, creating content on a regular basis is tedious. The time, ideation and creativity needed to create content constantly aren’t always there. As a result, content marketers risk failing to engage their social media audience as often as necessary.

Twenty-seven percent of respondents say the biggest challenge content marketers face on social media is creating engaging content. This is why you need to learn how to never run out of social media content. Here are four ways to help you stay on your game consistently:

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1. Reuse your content

Reusing content is a genius way of creating new content for your social media if you do not want to go through the stress of looking for and developing new ideas. There are different ways you can reuse your content. You can update, repurpose or simply repost your old content.

Updating old content:

This is great for evergreen content that needs a little touching up. However, low-performing content may gain some advantage when updated. Updating your old content may simply require replacing old facts with current facts on the topic.

Also, you can get fresh inspiration and change other information in the content if you discover something you would have said or done differently after examining old content.

Repurpose content:

The results of a recent HubSpot survey revealed that 82% percent of content marketers say they repurpose content across social media channels. Repurposing content doesn’t require you to upgrade or change any information contained in your existing content. You only need to switch up the content format.

For example, you can turn parts of a tweet into an infographic video for Instagram or TikTok. This is an exciting way to reach target audiences who enjoy such content formats.

2. Find out what your audience wants to see

Creating content on social media is only beneficial if your audience can engage with your content. This means that your social media content has to be something your audience is interested in seeing. Having this in mind makes the job easier. Here are ways you can find out what your audience is interested in:

Check out your competition:

Having to deal with competition is always great, especially if it gives you the opportunity to up your game. Chances are, they are already ahead of you on an industry trend, and you can identify a few things to try out.

If you pay attention to your competition’s content and audience engagements, you may find inspiration to create new content from what you learn from their page.

Use answer boards:

While answer boards provide answers to the users’ questions, the answers may not always be as detailed as the well-thought-out content which is created to answer such questions.

You can discover the kind of information your target audience seeks and create social media content around it. Some of the popular answer boards you can use are Reddit and Quora.

Use keyword generator tools:

There are lots of tools available to help content creators find relevant content ideas quickly. Keyword generator tools are great for this. You can search for keywords that are relevant to topics in your industry and get an endless supply of ideas from keywords your target audiences are looking up on the search engine. Some of the popular keyword generator tools are UberSuggest and Google Keyword Planner.

Engage your audience:

Interacting with your audience isn’t just a great way to build trust and good rapport for your SaaS brand, it is also a way to figure out their needs.

Reply to comments on your post, and encourage your audience to ask questions about products, services or industry trends. That way, you can create relevant content based on the information you gather from your engagements.

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3. User-generated content

User-generated content is a good way of engaging your audience, but it is even better for creating content for your SaaS business on social media.

Depending on how you want to implement user-generated content, you can have your users create content for you and promote your SaaS brand while you’re at it — or you can draw from their content to make yours.

For example, you can repost content from other users with hashtags related to your brand. This kind of user-generated content can promote your brand on social media platforms. This is why lots of businesses encourage users to create content using sponsored hashtags.

Also, you can curate other people’s content that is relevant to your brand or industry. This way, your audience will see your platform as more than just a marketing space. Instead, your social media page will be seen as a place to get relevant information as well.

4. Broaden your content scope

Focusing on a single area for content creation as a SaaS brand is not only boring, but it can also hinder creativity. Imagine having to create content around bread all the time as a pastry brand when you can create content about cakes, ingredients, baking styles and tools.

The best way to increase productivity and creativity with a broadened content scope is by categorizing your content into different areas.

For example, as a CRM SaaS brand, you can categorize your content into explainer videos, product reviews, how-to posts, case studies and user guides. It is easier to create five content pieces a month in each category than it is to create 20 in one category.

Having an idea of where to start is great, and starting is even better. With these four tips above, you’ll likely never run out of social media content for your SaaS business — all you need to do is start.

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