Marketing Podcast with James Chapman

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview James Chapman. James is the Founder & CEO of Plain Sight, a localized, social networking platform that connects people with the type of people you’re looking for both online and in physical spaces.

Key Takeaway:

The traditional way of networking is often random, awkward, and transactional.  Plain Sight is the future of work connections. It’s a social networking platform that helps people grow their network with relevant connections based on their skills, goals, and interests.

In this episode, James Chapman and I discuss the problems with the traditional methods of networking and how Plain Sight aims to solve the existing drawbacks that other virtual and social media platforms have today.

Questions I Ask James Chapman:

  • [1:03] What moment prompted you to decide the world needs another social networking platform and an app and build it?
  • [3:01] So from a networking standpoint, what do you think has changed and how has the pandemic impacted it?
  • [4:57] What role does Plain Sight play in solving existing problems other virtual networking and social media platforms have?
  • [5:59] How does Plain Sight combat or filter out the kind of unwanted sales pitches people get all the time on LinkedIn?
  • [7:06] Can you tell us about the virtual and in-person aspects of Plain Sight?
  • [10:45] How people should think about approaching networking in general?
  • [12:34] What’s the long-term plan and business model for Plain Sight?
  • [17:02] If I wanted to get on Plain Sight as an individual or a physical space, where would you direct me?

More About James Chapman:

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