Small Business Trends reviews John Jantsch’s latest book, The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur.

John Jantsch is known in marketing circles as a leading expert on small business marketing. He’s written five books on the topic, but his latest book, released October 22, 2019, is a far cry from his previous how-to marketing titles.

With The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur Jantsch explores the concept of self-reliance through the lens of transcendentalist writings, and provides his own thoughts and commentary about how these texts from over 150 years ago can inform and inspire the modern entrepreneur.

If you want to learn more about the book and how it’s helping entrepreneurs lead a meaningful life and grow a successful business, check out this review from Small Business Trends.

Check it out – Small Business Trends’ review of The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur

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The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur

by John Jantsch

“A book that deserves a spot in every entrepreneur’s morning routine.”
—Ryan Holiday, #1 Bestselling Author of The Daily Stoic and The Obstacle is the Way

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