Marketing Podcast with John Jantsch on The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur – October 10

It’s time for another episode of The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur. Once a week, I’m sharing a reading from my new book, due out in October 2019. The book is structured around 366 daily meditations for entrepreneurs. They begin with a quote from some of the great authors of the mid-19th Century, which I then place in a modern context for today’s entrepreneurs and business owners.

The excerpt below is from the October 10 entry.

Today’s Reading: Abundant Trust

“He who is firmly seated in authority soon learns to think of security, and not progress, the highest lesson of statecraft. From the summit of power people no longer turn their eyes upward, but begin to look about them.”

James Russell Lowell – “New England Two Centuries Ago” Literary Essays (1865)

It’s funny how we scratch and claw and dig our way to the top, and then once we get there we spend an enormous amount of time looking back and around to make sure sure nothing is crumbling around us.

It’s sort of the nature of how this game is often portrayed. Beat the competition, win, cash the check (or some new kind of money).

Funny thing is, few things erode progress faster than getting stuck in Paranoiaville on what feels like your slippery summit. Want to pick up some momentum again? Start down the hill, release the breaks, fly on by, and start to trust again.

Trust in abundance.

Extend trust to those who believe in you and your dreams. People, customers, partners, team members, want to go on this journey with you, if you’ll let them. They want you to show them how you can help them. They don’t need you to have the answers or even a plan, they just want to know you care about their climb up the hill too. Mostly, get out of their way.

Want to win? Show up with a passionate community ready to eat marshmallows with you. (You know they’re made from horse hooves right?)

Today, turn your eyes upward, and hand out the marshmallows.

Challenge Question: If someone wrote a story about you, would you be the champion or the challenger?

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