John Jantsch appeared on the Shaun Tabatt Show to discuss his latest book, The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur.

Jantsch sits down with Tabatt and shares his own personal entrepreneurial journey and how that led him to write this latest book. As someone who started his own marketing consulting firm 30 years ago, Jantsch understands how challenging the entrepreneur’s life can be. While his previous books have been about how to do marketing, this book takes a look at the why behind a business owner’s life. How do we discover our purpose, as business owners and as human beings?

Check it out – John Jantsch on The Shaun Tabatt Show

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The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur

by John Jantsch

“A book that deserves a spot in every entrepreneur’s morning routine.”
—Ryan Holiday, #1 Bestselling Author of The Daily Stoic and The Obstacle is the Way

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