My weekend blog post routine includes posting links to a handful of tools or great content I ran across during the week.

I don’t go into depth about the finds, but I encourage you to check them out if they sound interesting. The photo in the post is a favorite for the week from an online source or one I took on the road.

  • Beams – Beams helps you stay focused and reduce distractions during your day. You can see your daily schedule, join calls and take breaks with one click from your Menu Bar. Work smarter, not harder with Beams.
  • Whereby – Join a meeting in just one click with easy-to-remember and use links. Or embed a video conference directly on your website, platform, or app with Whereby’s Embedded Video API.
  • – is an AI-powered meeting assistant that can transform your meetings into transcripts, action items, summaries, and follow-ups in seconds. With, you can also collaborate with your team members on a shared transcript and seamlessly delegate follow-up tasks in real time.

These are my weekend favs; I would love to hear about some of yours – Tweet me @ducttape

If you want to check out more Weekend Favs you can find them here.

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