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Andrew Barlos, a guest on the Duct Tape Marketing PodcastIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Andrew Barlos. He is the Head of Marketing at Loomly, a leading social media management platform. He has a history of success in the B2B SaaS, software, healthcare, fintech, human resources, consulting, and employee benefits technology industries.

Key Takeaway:

It’s important for small businesses to invest in building a dedicated social media team that focuses on a select few platforms where their target audience is most active. It is important to test with different social media content and formats to see what works better for each specific brand, but the key takeaway is to keep being authentic. Furthermore, building trust and establishing an organic presence is essential in social media marketing.

Questions I ask Andrew Barlos:

  • [02:25] What would you say are the hottest things right now for business use on social media?
  • [03:57] What would be your best advice for a small business with little money to invest?
  • [04:59] What platforms should B2B focus on?
  • [09:29] How do you advise people to get into and use social media knowing that they won’t necessarily produce immediate measurable ROI?
  • [10:29] Do you think video is the content format that everybody should use the most?
  • [13:34] What role is AI playing today in social media and the different ways of using it? Where do you see it going?
  • [16:32] What does Loomly do and what are its core features?
  • [18:55] Talking about scheduling on social media. Is this feature affecting people’s authenticity or maybe even algorithms with different platforms?

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