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In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Brent Weaver. Brent is on a mission to help 10,000 digital agency owners achieve freedom in business and life by helping them own their market. Brent is the founder and CEO of uGurus, a business training, and education company dedicated to this mission. He also hosts one of the leading podcasts in the business niche—The Digital Agency Show and is the author of Get Rich in the Deep End: Commit to Your Niche, Own Your Market, and Audaciously Scale Your Agency.

Key Takeaway:

Brent Weaver is known for and on a mission to help digital agency owners own their market – whatever that may be. Too many agencies rely on word-of-mouth referrals or waste advertising dollars to grow their business. In this episode, we dive into Brent’s framework that can help you attract the right customers, establish your authority, and build a marketing engine that will help you acquire a solid, growing client base.

Questions I ask Brent Weaver:

  • [1:32] Are you all in on the idea that you must pick a niche?
  • [5:31] How do you define scale, and how does it differ from growth?
  • [7:59] In the agency world, there’s a lot of conversation around retainers versus project work — what’s your take on which path to go down?
  • [12:49] Can you dive into your 5 A framework from your book and also talk a little bit about how you see the role of content today?
  • [16:09] Can you give us a 10,000-foot view of what uGurus is and what you offer?

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