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In this third episode of his series Leveling Up, Entrepreneur Network partner Eric Siu continues his conversation with Andy Mackensen, the co-founder and CMO of SnackNation, a direct delivery service offering healthy snacks. 

After some experimentation, Mackensen explains, SnackNation switched up its marketing strategy to go back to a basic rule: Target a niche audience over an all-encompassing audience. The team wittled down their target demographic as office managers — for whom the company could buy specific ads on LinkedIn. To this effect, the team works to apply the mantra, “nail it, then scale it.”

Mackensen also goes on to discuss the company’s sales teams, both inbound and outbound. A helpful sales tool the company uses is dilineating customers into distinct “buckets.” These buckets depend on indivdual spends, company size and possibility of conversion.

Click on the video to hear more from Mackensen and Siu’s conversation.

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