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Mary Sheehan, a guest on the Duct Tape Marketing PodcastIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Mary Sheehan. She is an accomplished product marketing leader who has held marketing leadership roles at Adobe, Google, and many startups. Mary is also the co-creator of a new course with Reforge and hosts the popular Women In Product Marketing podcast.

Her new book The Pocket Guide to Product Launches: Get Confident, Go to Market, and Win, is a quick-start guide to nailing your first product launch, whether you are a product marketer, product manager, or founder. 

Key Takeaway:

Timing is crucial in product launches, especially in companies with diverse teams. Mary provides a framework for successful launches, emphasizing strategic readiness, understanding the market, and creating impactful messages with efficient execution. Additionally, she highlights the importance of building the right product, considering customer needs and feedback, and continuously iterating and improving based on user insights. It is important to align the team with what you’re trying to do to execute a well-planned launch strategy.

Questions I ask Mary Sheehan:

  • [01:46] Why you’re qualified to write a book about product launches? Tell me a little bit about your product launch history.
  • [02:39] Where do people get product launches wrong?
  • [03:31] Is there something that wasn’t being said in the product launch space that you really wanted to get into this book?
  • [05:11] What are the steps involved in a product launch?
  • [07:25] What role does an existing customer play for a product?
  • [10:16] How do you bring innovative things to market that people don’t know they need yet?
  • [14:58] What is the timing aspect to launch a product?
  • [16:24] In larger organizations, is there a head of the product launch that is trying to bring everything together?
  • [17:20] How would you suggest that this book applies to small business owners and solopreneurs?
  • [19:25] What is the hardest part about launching a product?

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