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In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interviewed Larry Tim, founder and CEO of Customers.AI – a first party, website visitor identification and remarketing pixel.  Also founder of WordStream – provider of Google and Facebook ad management software for tens of thousands of customers globally. Through his insights and experience, Larry reveals the future of ad targeting and the role of remarketing in the post third party data era.

Key Takeaways

Larry Tim, CEO of Customers AI, emphasizes the evolving landscape of remarketing, highlighting the importance of leveraging first-party data and adapting to changes in privacy regulations. By embracing tools like Customers AI and prioritizing transparent data practices, businesses can navigate privacy concerns while driving effective remarketing campaigns. Larry’s insights underscore the significance of staying proactive and leveraging innovative technologies like AI to connect with audiences in today’s dynamic marketing environment.

Questions I ask Larry Kim:

[00:54] Are you still involved with WordStream?

[01:28] When jumping ship did you have a business idea in mind or did you stumble on the opportunity?

[02:05] In the Ad world, what exactly is Remarketing?

[02:56] When it came to ROI, how effective was retargeting during your WordStream days?

[04:11] When it came to Remarketing what changed, especially with pixels and privacy?

[06:11] What is the level of degradation for Retargeting as we knew it?

[08:10] When big companies comes in and kill third party data, does that reduce or increase their revenue?

[11:37] Would you agree that Retargeting made marketers a little lax and lazy?

[16:12] How do you easily explain the technology of Remarketing?

[17:09] Do you see any trends or technologies that you think are going to further impact this space?

[18:33] Does integrate with any CRM?

[19:09] If somebody wanted to find out a little more, how would they explore and get started with a tool like yours?

More About Larry Kim:

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